20 Beautiful Bookstore Outdoor Signs

I don’t know about you, but I truly am a bookworm with almostevery distinctive sign you can imagine. Unsurprisingly I do feel amazing when Iam surrounded by books, old or new, leather-bound or paperback, dusty or freshof the presses, in stacks, on shelves, you name it.

So, it might not come as a total surprise when I say I havebeen drawing a very clear image in my head on how my potential future bookstoremight look like. And just to reassure you, it does include coffee, tea, bookishaccessories, books to read, books to buy and even books to borrow. But most ofall, it has a wonderful vintage style façade and a preferably handcraftedcustom sign.

I do love those old-style bookstore signs that tell theirown story even before you enter the shop.

And to that passion, I have a few examples thanks to Pinterest.

Here’s to old style in a new age!

Disclaimer: I had to write this article in English because Romanian just did not fit with the subject 😊